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ITK was established April 17, 2017. Owner and CEO of ITK, LLC Brittany Dorsey grew up in the inner city of Detroit, MI. She overcame a number of obstacles in the Motor City whilst maintaining her academic and athletic career. As a graduate of Detroit's Cass Technical High School and Rhode Islands Providence College, Brittany took advantage of her opportunities and prospered in mentoring and sports. ITK is Brittany's way of giving back to those who need a positive influence. We intend to spread positive vibes throughout the world by way of knowledge and activity. Be the difference by making a difference! The bullied outnumber the bullies. #SpeakUp #BeInTheKnow

ITK Autism Awareness Basketball Game

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Knowing and understanding the different socioeconomic perceptions amongst all people is necessary in our efforts to treat each other with the respect that we deserve. Know that as humans, we endure hurt and pain in different ways. Know that being kind, being positive, and being humble goes a long way. Understanding perspective is imperitive when it comes to building and maintaining relationships.

We do not associate with any particular religion or following, our views appeal to ALL! The ITK Reps around the world represent one common goal. We strive to shine light on the positive in EVERYTHING! We are everywhere. Being In The Know means you give back by way of knowledge and experience. Telling your story could help someone who may be making wrong decision after wrong decision simply because they do not know any better. Not only are we developing an international mentorship, we specialize in motivational interactive school assemblies for grades K-12. ITK has done book readings to children, charity games and community events amongst other things. We provide entertaining experiences coupled with educational messages that we hope will resonate in the minds of all who attend.

The ITK Reps include professional athletes, artist, musicians, medical professionals, mental health specialist, and business owners just to name a few. Our reps discuss topics related to bullying, education, athletics, life skills and other topics that contribute to properly matriculating in today's society. We address concerns specific to certain schools and programs as well.

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