ITK CEO Brittany Dorsey had an amazing opportunity to hoop for a cause! Thank you so much to the Wynning Foundation for the invitation! Visit to donate!

The blue team lost by 2 points! ITK is looking forward to participating next year!

Coach Britt and the one and only BabyFace Ray!


  Detroit Zues! 

What is the ITK Movement? 

ITK In The Know is a platform developed to better individuals who are interested in being the best version of themselves. It is a positive movement geared towards morality, peace and character development. We intend to influence by way of addressing the ongoing socioeconomic injustices, and by encouraging people to be kind, be loyal, be giving and understanding. 

What Does It Mean To Be In The Know?

When someone ask's " What does it mean to Be In The Know? ", there is no one answer, mission or definition. There is always SOMETHING that you can Be In The Know about. The primary focus of ITK however is to help people better themselves whilst bettering others as well. Being In The Know can be described as heightened awareness, or in other words, being more aware of your own behavior. It means making conscious and appropriate decisions as opposed to impulsive ones. It means teaching and understanding self accountability.



Coach Britt (Left) Coach Shad (Right)
ITK Specializes in School Assemblies and Community Based Activities!
Promote Positive Vibes, Always! 
Here's A Snippet of A Recent Event Featuring ITK! #BITK


ITK CEO Brittany Dorsey was Featured in an AMAZING
video shoot in sunny California!
Shoutout to FLIGHT SQUAD for the feature!


ITK along with FLIGHT SQUAD had a common goal to give back, and to mentor our youth!
Completing her 5th year of professional show basketball, ITK CEO Brittany Dorsey thanks
FLIGHT SQUAD for partnering with ITK during their 2017-18 tour! Travel, mentor, change lives!